How to choose a best pregnancy pillow? | Pregnancy pillow benefits

How to choose a best pregnancy pillow? | Pregnancy pillow benefits

pregnancy pillow

For the better comfort and rest of the pregnant woman pregnancy pillow is a good choice. Sleeping in a comfort position during the time of pregnancy is some time difficult due to heavy weight and increasing tummy. 

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Benefits of pregnancy pillow:

  • Pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep better position and reduces pains like back pain, hips pain, and body pain.
  • It gets difficult to rest or sleep comfortably during pregnancy because of increasing weight and tummy.
  • Better sleep also effects the health of the pregnant woman and child. 
  • It is also helpful during the time of sleep for the problem of frequent urination of pregnant woman.
  • It can also be useful after pregnancy for mother and child while breastfeeding and sleeping.

When should start using pregnancy pillow?

The first question arise in every pregnant woman is when to use these pregnancy pillow?  There is no special week or month from when you should start using pregnancy pillow. You can use pregnancy pillow when you feel heavy weight and bigger bump. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable to sleep then you can use pregnancy pillow for your rest.

Pregnancy pillow is helpful specially in second and third trimester  when finding better sleeping position becomes very difficult. 

How to choose a best pregnancy pillow?

When it comes to buying pregnancy pillow, we remain confused about which ones to buy and which are comfortable for us. While doing shopping one thing keep in mind some points like size of the pillow and shape of the pillow, and material of the pillow.

Which material do you want of a pregnancy pillow and which shape will be more comfortable to you, and also how much size of  pillow do you want to buy for your comfortable sleep.

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Types of pregnancy pillows:

Following are some types of pregnancy pillows which are present to provide you comfort.

U shape pregnancy pillow:

U shape pregnancy pillow will give you full body support and very comfortable to you. If you are in your first trimester and you can sleep on your back then U shape pillow is good to sleep from both sides support. 

It can also be used while watching television, taking afternoon nap. U shape pillow allows sleepers to get full body support in multiple positions.

C shape pregnancy pillow:

C shape pillow follows the natural contours of the body. Pregnant woman can switch between back and belly support which are most comfortable to her. C shape pillow has curve of which gives rest to your head, and the long area gives support to your back and hips and reduces the lower back pain. It takes less space as compare to U shape pillow. 

Wedge pregnancy pillow:

Wedge pregnancy pillow is a compact design which is easy to pack and can be used while travelling. It can be used for belly support or behind the back to prevent rolling over. You can also put on behind your back while sitting.

Side sleeper pregnancy pillow:

Side sleeper pregnancy pillow is great for the first trimester moms training themselves to sleep on their sides. It supports both the sides back and bump of a pregnant woman. Best part of this pillow is stretchy middle panel that will accomodate sleepers as they grow. It is small in size so good for space saving or using on bed if sharing with partner. 

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