Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy 

Constipation during pregnancy is very common but pregnant woman feels very discomfort due to constipation during this hard time of pregnancy. Constipation increases the problem of digestion.

Reason for constipation during pregnancy:

There are so many problems of constipation during pregnancy, here we will see some major problems.

  • In pregnancy the level of progestrone hormone increases in the body which is essential for concieving pregnancy. This hormone reduces the emptying time of stomach so this is one of the reason for constipation during pregnancy.

  • Progestrone also reduces the motality of the bowel of pregnant woman for absorbing nutrients for more time.

  • In first and last three months baby gives pressure to the bowels in the pelvic area of pregnant woman so the pressure cause constipation during pregnancy.

  • During pregnancy most of the time the himoglobin level in the body lower than normal so docotr prescribed iron tablets, so sometime the side effects of the iron tablets may be the reason for constipation. If this happens ask your doctor to change the tablets.

  • Due to acidity and vomiting pregnant woman eat less which is also one of the reason for constipation during pregnancy.

After constipation sometimes other problems may occur like blood in stool, piles, diaharea, fisher problelm so always consult your gynacologist if constipation happens.

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How to relieve constipation:

Take high fiber diets like oats, salads and green vegetables in your meals to avoid constipation.

Take enough water daily minimum 3 leters of water is necessary for a pregnant woman. 
Drink lukewarm water daily in the morning to relieve constipation during pregnancy.

Take a walk daily it will enhances the bowel moment of your body and relieve constipation.

Soak dry fruit kishmish in water in the morning and take this in the night it will help to reduce constipation. 

Sprouts are also one of the best food to relieve constipation during pregnancy. You may take it raw and also be good if taken cooked.

Fruits are also good for constipation especially guava, papaya, etc.

Eating lentils in your meals is a good way to keep you away from constipation during pregnancy.

Honey mixed with banana is good recipe for relieve from constipation.

Liquids like buttermilk, lemon juice or any other juices are good for constipation.

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