Signs for baby boy during pregnancy | How to know gender of baby

10 Signs for baby boy during pregnancy | How to know gender of baby

how to know baby gender

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Being pregnant is a great pleasure for a woman, she waits for this moment for a long time. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman's life. It not only changes her body but also changes her mentally. While pregnancy a pregnant woman should take care of herself, should eat healthy diet and exercise for ease of pregnancy. 
As a mother pregnant woman wants to know whether she has a baby boy or a baby girl. It is not because of gender bias but she is just curious to know the gender of her baby. Along with pregnant woman other family members are also eager to know the gender of baby. So you can know the gender of the baby even without ultrasound, there are some signs and symptoms that can be estimated whether there is a boy or a girl in the womb. 

People around pregnant woman are always try to predict the gender of the baby depending on some myths and old ladies tales. It may be true in some situation and sometimes not. Let's see which myths or signs are true.

Signs for a baby boy

If you are curious mother and father then here are some signs which may tell you whether you are going to have a cute little princess or a smart little prince.

1. Heart Rate

Heart rate during pregnancy is a medically proven signs for gender prediction during pregnancy. If your baby's heart rate is under 140 beats per minute through all time during pregnancy then it is a baby boy. This sign is one of the most accurate signs of gender prediction.

2. Position of the tummy 

If you are pregnant then you must have noticed that people specially ladies stare at your tummy, actually they were trying to predict that its a boy or girl. It is a very old way and this is often true. If you are having big and low tummy then it may sense that you are having a baby boy.

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3. Urine color:

It is always say that color of the urine indicates the gender of the baby while pregnancy. If color of the urine is dark then it is a baby boy

4. Dry skin:


If you are carrying a baby boy then your skin becomes more dry and dull. And also along with dry skin there may be cracking in hands and feet of pregnant lady having a baby boy.

5. Hair growth:

Hair growth is also one of the indicator for the gender of the baby during pregnancy. If you are facing fast and long hair growth then it indicates you are having cute little baby boy.

6. Breast size:

Surprise to hear this! yeah it is right, breast size is one of the major symptoms of gender prediction. During pregnancy breasts becomes enlarged and if your right breast become large than left than it indicates you are having baby boy.

During pregnancy breast are preparing to the production of milk to your little one , mammary glands are lactating milk production so it will becomes large. And also you will notice secreting some type of watery substance from your breasts as it indicates your breast are preparing for milk production.

7. Food cravings:

Food cravings is yet another indication of predicting the gender of your baby.  It is said that if you are having cravings for salty and sour foods during pregnancy then you are having a baby boy.

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8. Sleeping position:

It sounds weird that how can sleeping position shows the gender! but old wives's tales said that sleeping position can tell the gender of the baby. Sleeping in a comfortable position in pregnancy becomes very hard and frustrating for pregnancy ladies. As time pass during the last stage it is very difficult to sleep in a position easily. Sleeping on the left side indicates that you are carrying a baby boy.

9. Weight gain:

Along with the sleeping position, weight gain is also a indication of the gender of the baby. If extra weight adds on your belly area that indicates that you are having a baby boy.

10. Cold feet and hands:

Some women experience a cold sensation in the hands and feet. If you are having cold hands and feet and often feel jittery it indicates that you are carrying a baby boy. This symptom can be seen in early pregnancy. 

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