Tips for fast weight gain | Foods to gain weight

Tips for fast Weight gain | Foods to gain weight

Weight gain tips and diet

Tips for fast weight gain

   In this article:

  • Reasons for weight loss.
  • Weight gain tips and foods.
  • Weight gain easy and simple tips.

Let's talk today about weight gain, in this modern age where most people are worried about increasing their weight, at the same time there are other people who are in the stress due to reduced weight. Having less or more weight directly affects your physical beauty and personality.

Loosing weight is a common problem today. Although you must know the reason for weight loss before gaining weight because weight loss or under weight can also a sign of health problems. 

Lets know about reasons to weight loss and ways 
to increase weight. There can be many reasons for weight loss and every person has different reasons for reducing weight.


How to know that we are healthy, underweight or over weight??  We can't only assumes that we are underweight by only determining our physical body. There are some people who looks thin physically but they are healthy. so we normally calculate over health by BMI.

Body mass index (BMI) formula is used to measure weight, in which divided by double the length by weight. A person is underweight if his BMI is less than 19, healthy if his BMI is 19-24, and overweight if his BMI is over 24. BMI is calculated by BMI calculator, calculate your BMI here.

Reasons for weight loss or underweight:


 Most people are always worried that their weight will increase and because of that they give up their food at some point and this will become the reason for underweight most of the time.

And some people eat less nutritious food which holds no value in nutrition, it may also be the reason for under weight.

Thyroid problem:

Some people have Hyperthyroidism which increases the metabolism of a person and it will become one of the reason for weight loss.


Especially Insulin Dependent Diabetes Malietus (Type 1) is the main reason for weight loss in the diabetes patients.


There are some infections in the body which cause the weight loss in a person.

Hormones imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance in the body of a person may be the reason for rapid weight loss.


Eating food which have 0 nutrients in it may be the one reason for weight loss. Malnutrition is the main problem in the lower class poor people. 

Less sleep:

Sleep is a vital part for the health of a person. Sleeping disorder is also one of the reason for weight loss. Not taking enough sleep due to tension, work load, night jobs etc are also comes under this category.

Supplements steroids harmful:

To increase weight and maintain physical body most of the youth are going to the gym where steroids and other food supplements are used without doctor's advice. 

By doing this there is an imbalance in the amount of fluid int he body and swelling starts.It has a direct effect on muscles and bones which starts to weaken.It causes the person to feel tired and lethargic.

Liver should be strong:

The liver is the factory of the human body that works to deliver nutrients to all organs.So if there is any problem in the liver it should not be ignored because due to carelessness in it, there may be a problem of losing weight.

If there is any problem related to digestion like loss of appetite, gas problem then in these situations call to doctor.

Weight gain tips and foods:

If you want to gain weight, then you have to eat calories which your body needs. You can measure how much calories you have to eat in a day with the Calorie Calculator. One thing must be remembered the calories calculator always gives an approximate parameter. 

Once you know how much calories your body needs in a day, then you will know how many calories you need to gain 

A healthy body needs 1000-1500 calories per day. If you want to gain weight then do it in a well planned manner, eating too much oily food and junk food make you gain weight but also make you unhealthy on the other side. It only stores fat or belly fat which can also be a reason for diseases.

Make calories intake list:

It is very important to eat healthy food and it will be more helpful for you if you make a list of your daily calories intake. By making list you can 
easily make your diet plan of healthy food for weight gain.

A healthy person needs 1000-1500 calories per day but if you want to gain weight then you need extra 500 to 700 calories per day. There are many  calories calculator which tells you about how many calories you should eat according to your height and weight and lifestyle. 

Protein intake:

Protein is a vital nutrient for gaining weight fast, as it is important for mussels development. Protein full diet helps to make body physically fit and active. 

But apart from it protein also makes you feel full and reduces your hunger and lower your food carvings. which may effect on your daily calories intake. 

Protein rich foods for weight gain

Eat high protein foods like nuts, eggs, avocado, milk, Greek yogurt, oats, lentils, tuna, lean meat, fishes, peanuts, etc. 

DIY protein smoothies:

You can make your own smoothies and milkshakes at your home as your mood. It will gives you more protein and makes you fit. You do not need to spend so much money on expensive protein shakes. 

Do it yourself (DIY) protein milkshakes and smoothies are here below

 Banana milkshake: Bananas are very healthy for the human body it helps in weight gain. Make banana milkshake by mixing bananas, milk, and some dates. It is so yummy and nutritious.

Chocolate banana smoothie: Chocolates are one of the food which likes by mostly everyone, so why not you make chocolates to your protein smoothie. Mix banana, chocolate and some milk or cream, make a smoothie and drink as a protein shake.

 Panjeri banana smoothie: Panjeri is a healthy dish made by mostly Indians, by mixing all the nuts which you want deep fry it in ghee and mix it well with sugar or Jaggery syrup. 
You can make banana, panjeri and milk smoothie and take it as a protein smoothie.

 Nuts milkshake: you can simply put some nuts which you like and full fat cream and make a smooth milkshake and drink it as a protein milkshake.

Avocado milkshake: Avocado is a healthy fruit, you can use it in a milkshake by mixing avocado, milk and some sugar and make milkshake for protein intake.

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Protein powder:

Protein powder are healthy and best way to gain weight. From a large varieties of protein powder there are present in the market so see here for best 7 types of protein powder. 

Eat More Energy Providing Foods:

Eat more energy providing food in your diet, it may give you enough energy to work and makes you full. It contain high amount of calories and healthy fat and more nutrients which gives you energy and helps in maintain your health. 

Take other nutrients like calcium,  fiber, vitamins, potassium, phosphorus etc in your diet.

Some foods which consists of more energy and calories are bananas, fishes, apples, eggs, oatmeal, chocolates.

Nuts like Almond, Walnuts, Peanuts, etc. Dry fruits like Raisins, dates, etc. Products made from high-fat milk like milk,  yogurt, cheese, cream, butter, etc.

Healthy Fat and oil Fats and Oils like Olive and avocado oil, etc. Cereal Grains like Oats and Brown Rice, etc. Meat like Rooster, goat, etc.Tubers like Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, etc.

Exercise to shape your body:

If you want to gain weight then you should also do exercise with the good diet plan. When you eat more calories and fat then you need to set that fat in your body or muscles rather than converting it into a fatty tissues or fat in your body. 

Exercise helps a person to store the fat providing by food into a mass muscles of your body and make your body physically fit and looks good. 

Exercise to gain weight or make muscles are weight lifting and belly fat exercise to not store fat in your belly. but make sure to not burn your extra calories otherwise it will not make you gain weight.

Take doctor's advice and a trainer to train according to your needs and plan. They will help you to keep the body healthy and gain weight.

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Weight gaining easy and simple tips:

  • Eat at least 3 meals a day and in between eat small and healthy snacks.
  • Drink enough of water whole day.
  • Don't drink water before and in between meals.
  • Make your food delicious so that you can eat more than normal.
  • You can eat chocolates, juice and fast food but not daily.
  • Drink milk at bedtime and in the morning with breakfast. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, it may effect your health and weight.
  • Avoid smoking, it also make you loose weight and make you thin.

 You should eat healthy food and more energy     and more calories diet and do exercise to make     physically fit your body.

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