10 Best tips to loose weight fast

10 Best tips to loose weight fast | How to burn your fat easily

    In this article:

  1. Healthy diet for weight loss
  2. Exercise
  3. Water is essential
  4. Food for weight loss
  5. Food to avoid for weight loss
  6. Drinking hot water
  7. Make daily schedule
  8. Note calories intake
  9. Learn new ways of burning fat
  10. Playing with your kids

How t loose weight fast??? is a major question of almost every woman. Gaining weight is much easy but after that loosing that weight is looks like the hardest task which you have to done.But it is not that much difficult as it seems like. 

10 best tips for weight loss

loosing weight is a simple and enjoyable task if you make it easy by following simple steps and also make it fun time for you.

It will be not good to your health if you followed the strict diet and not eating enough nutrients for your body. It makes a person weaker not healthier.

Here are some simple ways to burn your fat and loose weight.

Healthy diet for weight loss:

Weight loss is a process in which you burn stored fat in your body and makes body healthy. So you should eat healthy food or diet to loose weight. and include food which have more nutrients and less fat in your diet.
For a healthy diet you should eat healthy and light foods or recipes in your meals make your meals small and nutritious.


Eat  more protein rich food because protein helps in tissue metabolism and also reduces the belly fat. protein reduces the hunger and make you feels like full. Protein rich foods are eggs, lentil, nuts, yogurt, grains, etc.


Eating high edible fiber is good for your health and helps in the weight loss. fiber rich food like grains, vegetables, beans, etc also helps in reducing the risk of diseases like heart diseases, and diabetes. 


Healthy fat makes you feel good mood and trim waistline. Healthy fat like omega-3 is essential for the mental health as well as physical health.


Calcium is a vital nutrient and plays a very important role in making bones strong. Calcium deficiency may be the reason for the sleep disorder, depression, and bones problems.


Exercise is necessary to make physically fit your body and also it effects the mental health of ones. Benefits of regular exercise are reducing risks of diseases, reducing mortality, helps in weight loss, increase the strength,etc.

Enjoy exercise as a fun time and do exercise regularly, you don't believe that how much you will love to exercise daily.

As basic exercise one can practice up down stairs for at least 10 minutes, swimming for 10-15 minutes. Do practice running for 10 minutes regularly. you can also do walking daily for 25 to 30 minutes.
These are some simple exercise which can be beneficial for the health and weight loss. Also one can practice other exercise poses at home daily are:
  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Cobra pose
  • Camel pose

The simple exercise which takes no efforts and burn more fat easily are swimming and walking. swimming is one of the best and enjoyable exercise one can do. Swimming regularly is a good habit.

Exercise to loose weight fast

Water is essential:

Water plays an important role in the weight loss. Hydrating your body is very important because it regulate body temperature and maintain blood pressure of a person. Water flashes out all the wastes form the body.

Water is essential for weight loss

Drinking water before meals is good for the weight loss due to which you can feel full and will eat less. Also drink water in between your meals so it helps you to consume less and loose your weight fast.

Food to avoid during weight loss:

During weight loss you should take eat of which food to eat and which food to avoid. Your weight is depends upon your lifestyle mainly the food you are eating.

If you hire a nutritionist for your weight loss then first thing he will do that hire you a list food which you should avoid during your weight loss. There are some foods which are high in calories and fat so you should avoid eating it too much.

Apart from these you should also avoid processed food, high calories fat food like, fast food or junk food it have no nutrition but fat and more calories.

Food to avoid for weight loss

You should also avoid sweet dishes or sugary dishes which are full of calories and helps you to gain weight. If you seriously want to loose your excess weight then your first say n to cold drinks and soft drinks, juices, which have high amount of calories.

Avoid eating bakery items like cakes, pastries and also avoid chocolates, candy. Lower the intake of coffee and tea.
Say no to alcohol drinking, it has bad effects on health it is one of the biggest reason of diseases and also helps in weight gain.

Drinking hot water:

Drinking hot water is good for burning fat by activating  metabolism system. Hot water also helps in clearing wastes from the body and clean the intestine which also effects in body weight.

Drinking hot water also helpful for constipation and nervous system. Body adjust the internal temperature with the hot water temperature and it stimulate the metabolism system of the body which results in weight loss.

Make daily schedule:

We all eat our meals as per our weight loss plan but after this we can not loose that much weight and can not achieve our target of weight loss. Why this happens?

Answer to this big question is that we didn't eat our meals on time, and don't follow the schedule of eating daily, so we fail to achieve target.

Make schedule of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make breakfast most nutritious and healthy. 
Lunch should be healthy and a bit heavy because it gives you energy whole day. 

If you addicted to tea and coffee take it only once a day otherwise avoid it completely. 

Make your dinner simple and light and remember to eat dinner 2 to 3 hours before sleep. It helps to digest your meal before bed and affects weight loss.

In between meals take small small snacks like nuts, salad, etc which are healthy and nutritious.

Note your calories intake:

A normal woman needs 1500 to 2000 calories per day. If you note down your calories intake of a day then it will be helpful for you. 
Make a list and chart to how much calories you should eat in meals and follow it strictly for a better result in weight loss. Eat healthy food and healthy fat.

Learn new ways of burning fat:

You can do many activities for burning fat. learn new ways to burn fat easily and use your energy in a positive way.
Some new ways i learn are as follows:
  1. Do your household chores yourself.
  2. Dancing is also a good way to burn your fat easily and make this time fun-time for you and enjoy your exercise.

Play with your kids:

Playing is a good activity and beneficial for the weight loss. It is important in today's busy schedule lifestyle to give time to your children. So why not you play with them and make it your exercise time as well. 
Playing outdoor with your kids have so many benefits some are:
  1. They will be more happy and get attach with you.
  2. You can better understand your children.
  3. You can burn your fat and loose weight fast by simply playing.
  4. You children stay away from mobile phones and television and computers.
So why not trying this technique which is so beneficial for all of our family members. You can play indoor as well as outdoor games with your children, it will also keep your children's health good. Some outdoor games which is most beneficial are:
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • cricket
  • Badminton
  • Hide and seek
  • Skipping rope and many more.


Loosing weight is just simple and easy if you follow all these steps and it will be fun-time for you. It will also make family time for you while exercising.

So do you agree with me ?? If you learn any new way of burning fat then comment and tell us about it.

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