How can smoking effects fertility and pregnancy? | How can smoking effects on men fertility?

How can smoking effects fertility and pregnancy? | How can smoking effects on men fertility?

What is smoking? 

According to a web definition of smoking,  it is a simple way to simultaneously ruin your health,  eliminate your sex appeal,  empty your wallet.  A large number of people smoke, nowadays it seems like a cool and great habbit for teenagers. 

How can smoking effects pregnancy and fertility

What  is fertility?

Fertility is the ability of producing little ones naturally. Problems occur in naturally producing little ones called infertility.  Infertility may be seen in both men and women.

Effects of smoking on fertility:

Smoking is a worst habbit nd people know that smoking is harmful for their health and cause many diseases like heart disease,  lung disease,  respiratory disease,  increase the risk of cancer and many more. But very few knows that smoking can also hurt your fertility. 

  • Smoking effects the eggs of the women and damages it.  If the eggs are damaged once then it can not be replaced nor regenerate.
  •  Smoking effects the fertility of women and cause menopause early. 
  • Smoking also lower the fertilization of egg.
  • Smoking damages the DNA of egg and it may problem for the child in future.  
  • Harmful chemicals of tobacco I.e nicotine can cause cervical cancer and damages the uterine lining of uterus. 

How smoking effects on pregnancy?

Today many couples smoke, it is common outside of India that men and women both smoke. If a couple is thinking about pregnancy then you have to first stop smoking before you plan for pregnancy.  Because smoking is very bad for the health of baby and monther also there is many risks of pregnancy in the smoke. At least 3 or more more months before pregnancy one should stop smoking. So the quality of sperm will also be good and take less time to conceive. 

Effects of smoking on pregnancy

  • Smoking effects the conception,  a couple who smoke take more time to conceive than a non-smoker. Smoking damages the fallopian tube or block it so egg and sperm can not fertilize easily. 
  • And smoking increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy due to blockage of fallopian tube.  
  • Smoking is so dangerous that it can cause miscarriage of the pregnancy. 
  • Smoking can cause birth defects due to damaged DNA and can cause preterm birth. 
  • If a pregnant woman get in touch in second hand smoking I.e inhale the smoke while another person smoking  then it is as harmful as smoking of pregnant woman herself. 
  • Smoking can also damage the embryo and uterine lining of the uterus. 
  • A pregnant woman who smokes during pregnancy may face problems like low birth weight,  growth restriction of the baby. 
  • Smoking during pregnancy also effects the sexuality of the baby. If there is a baby girl then the production of eggs of baby girl may affected due to smoking. 
  • If there is a baby boy then the child will face problem like less sperm counts in future. 
  • A baby may have diseases like cardiovascular disease,  lung disease,  pallets,  missing of toes and fingers,  undeveloped hands, etc if the monther smoke during pregnancy.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) may be happen due to smoking during pregnancy. 
  • Asthma,  diabetes,  obesity can also be develop in future in the child because of smoking during pregnancy. 

Effects of smoking on men fertility:

Men can produce sperm lifetime,  but due to smoking sperm quality decreased. Smoking also effects the sperms that it can not travel fast for fertilization as a healthy sperm do.

Smoking decreases the quality and quantity of semen. Man who smokes can face the erection problem.  Smoking damages the DNA structure of sperm and cause birth defects to child.

Maturity period of the sperms are three or more months if a man want a healthy and safe pregnancy and healthy baby then he should quit smoking before 3 months of conception.

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