Myths and its facts about pregnancy | Indian myths related to pregnancy | pregnancy and myths

Myths and its facts about pregnancy | Indian myths related to pregnancy | pregnancy and myths:

All Indian people mostly old people have some myths about pregnancy.  Not only India these myths are spread all around the world showing most concern about health of pregnant women. In all these myths some are only misconceptions whether some have little bit fact in it. Only the wrong thing about these factual myths are it is not properly describe to people. 

In today's world educated people don't believe in these myths however in villages in rural areas myths are accepting and believing by people.  Some educational awareness should be spread among people regarding myths about pregnancy.  Following are some myths about pregnancy which pregnant women should know.

  1. Myth : pregnant woman  should eat for two people. 
Fact: pregnant woman should only eat as per her body's need. Pregnant woman should take healthy diet not double in quantity.  Body needs only some extra nutrients not too much. Take food in frequent time intervals but in small and healthy meals.

2. Myth: Excercise during pregnancy can be harmful. 

Fact: pregnant woman should do exercise.  Excercise is not harmful to the baby,  but only avoid exercise which effect the fetus like high jump, jogging,  heavy weight lifting,  cycling,  etc. Mild exercise should perform  by pregnant woman for better healthcare of her and baby like yoga, swimming,  walking  etc.

 3. Myth:  pregnant woman should take milk, flour, saffron so baby's skin will be white. 

Fact:  Baby's skin color had decided at fertilization and it is genetic. Foods like saffron,  milk, and flour etc not decide or change the skin color of baby.

4. Myth:  consuming black color food will make baby black. 

Fact: Totally wrong.  Consuming black or any color food don't effect the skin color of the baby because skin color is based on genes of mother and father not on food color. 

5. Myth:  if pregnant woman feels heartburn then baby have lots of hair on skin. 

Fact: growing belly of the pregnant woman and acidity is the reason for heart burn. 

6. Myth: Eating papaya at will miscarriage the pregnancy. 

Fact: only avoid eating papaya during the first trimester. After first trimester pregnant women can eat one or two slice of papaya. 

7. Myth:  if baby bump is high it's a girl and if baby bump is low it's a boy.  

Fact: in first pregnancy abdomen is high because of good muscles. In later pregnancy muscles become relax so it looks low. 

8. Myth: All pregnant women get stretch marks.  

Fact:  stretch marks develop in some women and not in some it is heredity if your mother and grandmother have stretch marks then you may have chances of getting stretch marks.  

9. Myth: Having sex during pregnancy will result in miscarriage.

Fact: Having sex during pregnancy is not harmful infact it has some benefits to the pregnant woman.  Only you have to take care about position you try. And avoid sex if your doctor advices to stay away from sex. 

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