What is stretch marks?| cure for stretch marks | stretch marks home remedies

What is stretch marks?

We often see some marks on our body and stress about it that what it is  and why it  appear on my body and how to cure it n all. So here is solution to your questions. Here we see what is stretch marks? , how to cure it, and why it appear.

What is stretch marks? : 

Stretch marks are the spots or lines appear on the body which is different in skin color from the other parts of body. Stretch marks usually appear in red and purple color lines in different  patterns.  Stretch marks are also called striae. It appears in both Male and female.  Mostly ladies noticed stretch marks on their body .

What is stretch marks

why stretch marks appear?  

Stretch Mark's kay appear all the parts of the body but most common on abdomen,  thighs, hips, buttocks and lower back and breasts in women. Stretch marks forms due to the too much stretching or pulling the skin of the body. Obesity and pregnancy are the major reason for the stretch marks.  Obese person may seen stretch marks on their body due to stretching of their skin over the limit. 

Because of the pulling of skin over the limit the tissues under the skin collapses and interrupted tissue forms these lines on the skin which is differ from the other parts of body.

Pregnancy is major reason in ladies to form stretch marks.  In pregnancy the skin of the women stretched and weight gains so the stretch marks appear on the abdomen ( lower the belly button) , thighs, breasts  and hips.  Third trimester is the period where fetus is developing and gaining weight due to which abdominal skin stretches and stretch marks are starting to form in that period. In some cases, women notice strech Mark's after delivery.  After pregnancy women breasts preparing milk for breastfeeding baby and swell during this. This is also a reason of stretch marks on breasts.

Stretch marks on abdomen

Weight gain , bodybuilding  are also reason for stretch marks.  Due to sudden weight gain stretch marks may appear on skin. But stretch Mark's are not a serious disease and not harmful to human body. But some women specifically young girls  don't want stretch marks to appear on their body.

How to cure stretch marks? :

There are no evidence of any cream and oil for curing stretch marks completely.  But there are some creams and oil in the market which claim to cure stretch marks but not so useful. Stretch marks  may light or disappear over time.

Also there is lots of home remedies present to prevent and cure stretch marks, some of these are useful and some not. But no one can totally cure stretch marks. It is also said to take diet which is beneficial to cure stretch marks.  

  • Take vitamin A diet to reduce the stretch marks like carrots, etc. Vitamin A helps in skin problems.

  • Pregnant women can use olive oil to massage to abdomen,  thighs and breasts during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks on body.

  • Also vera gel is also a good option to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy  simply cut aleo vera leafs and remove gel and apply it directly to thighs, abdomen,  hips regularly.  

  • Also there are cosmetic makeup present in market to hide stretch marks using the makeup of your skin tone and applying on stretch marks. 

  • Using makeup underwater is not useful so to hide stretch marks use more body covering swimming suits. 

  • Use home remedies like, take 1 spoon of vaseline petroleum jelly,  1 spoon of vicks, 1 spoon of ale vera gel, 2 spoon of caster oil and mix it. Apply this paste to stretch marks and apply a plastic wrap to cover it and leave it for 15 minutes.  Stretch marks will feels light and may disappear in some days.

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