What are the effects of mobile phones on pregnancy??

What are the effects of mobile phones on pregnancy??

Pregnancy is the period of life of a woman in which woman should carefull about her health and fetus's health. During pregnancy a new life is developing in the womb so she have to take precautions instead of getting sorry in the future about baby's health.  Today in the world of internet  and technology we used so many different devices for better lifestyle. Everything or every device used in everyday life is somehow not safe to us or to a pregnant woman.  It means every device such as television,  radio, microwave oven, laptop,  mobile phones,  computers,  etc emits radiation.

Pregnant woman should avoid the use of communication devices like cellphones,  laptops,  wifi routers.  From last few years mobile phone and internet became the most essential part of our life and today we all are addicted to cellphones and internet.  Excess use of cellphones during pregnancy may be harmful to both baby and mother.  Avoid these devices as much as you can during pregnancy.

What are the effects of mobile phones on pregnancy??

Mobile phones radiation:

Radiation used in mobile phones are electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range 450 - 3800 MHz and 24 - 80 GHz in 5G mobile. Electromagnetic radiation are of two t8 ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. Ionizing radiation are x-rays, radon, etc. And non-ionizing radiations are radiofrequency,  extremely low frequency, etc.

Electromagnetic field in the radiofrequency range are used for mobile phones,  television, radio transmissions,  etc. Human body absorb the radiation emits from these devices.  

The noticable effect of radiofrequency on human body is heating.  Use of cellphones near to the ear, head heats the body or used area. Non-ionizing  waves or radiation may not be harmful to humans in small quantity but if used in very large dose it can be harmful. 

What are the effects of mobile phones on pregnancy??

Heating is a main task of microwave oven that functions at 2450 MHz which is similar to wifi. If cellphones cause heating in the body or head and ear it works same like heating in the microwave oven I.e boiling your head tissues.

What are the effects of mobile phones on pregnancy??

In first and second trimester the effects of mobile phones radiation is harmful to the pregnancy because the bones of the fetus is still soft till the 3 to 4 months of pregnancy. 

There may be a chance of birth defects due to the excess use of mobile phones during pregnancy. 

Use of mobile phones during pregnancy is increase the risk of heart diseases in pregnant women. 

Effects of mobile phones on pregnancy

Pregnant women also notice obesity due to use of cellphones which is not good for the baby.

Migraine in mothers and baby is also one of the effects seen due to excess use of mobile phones in pregnancy. 

Cellphones emits the harmful radiation which causes the hyperactive in children.

Inattention,  relationship problems  may seen in the children.

Hyperactive in which children lacks the concentration in any particular thing which also effects the education of the children. 

These hyperactive symptoms may seen in childhood but it may continue in the adulthood in some cases. 

Long use of mobile phones can cause insomnia and reduce the bone density. 

Pregnant woman may feel fatigue and sleeping disorder due to long use of mobile phones. 

Harmful effects on Human body:

Due to excess use of cellphones which emits radiation energy and cause tumor in the non- nervous  system. 

Harmful effects on human body

Radiation emitted by cellphones are harmful that it damages head tissue due to which memory loss can be seen in human.

The continue use of cellphones for making phone calls and talking hours in a day may effect the ears or cam cause hearing problems. 

Using mobile phone for long time can increase the risk of cancer or mostly brain cancer. 

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