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Vaginal birth or vaginal delivery

Vaginal birth or vaginal delivery is the delivery of a baby through the vagina. Vaginal birth is the natural way of delivering a baby. In vaginal birth the stay in the hospital is 32- 72 hours or 24-48 hours. Depending on the condition of mother time of stay varies.

Vaginal delivery or vaginal birth

In some vaginal delivery a cut is make to enlarge the vaginal canal to pass baby through it easily.  Vaginal delivery is the common and safest way of delivery.

But it is not necessary in in every cases, there are some conditions like breech position, baby is too heavy to pass through pelvic,  etc in which c-section delivery has to perform.

There is also a chance of vaginal delivery after a c-section delivery i.e called vaginal delivery after c-section.  But there is risk in VBAC that uterine rupture. 30 to 45% of gynecologist refuse to VBAC.

Baby passes through birth canal in vaginal birth

In vaginal birth there are also different techniques of delivery.  In some cases vaccum is used in vaginal birth in which a cup is attached to the head of a baby and pull it gently  through vaccum to easily pass baby through vagina. In some cases medications are given for the labor.

Vaginal delivery takes less time to recover as compare to the c-section.  If the stitches are given to vaginal cut then it may take some more time to recover.

A membrane filled with fluid surrounding to baby is called amniotic sac. When amniotic sac burst the fluid leaks it's called " water breaking " . Generally water breaking occurs at begining of labor but in some cases it occurs before labor. Early water breaking is also a reason of cesarean delivery.

Another symptom of labor is tightinig and releasing of uterus called contractions. Contraction pain starts from back and towards through abdomen. Contraction helps to push baby through cervix.

During  labor, role of the cervix change from keeping the uterus closed during pregnancy to help in delivering the baby. At the time of labor the cervical opening has reached 10 centimeters in diameter and baby is able to pass through it.

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