Tips to increase breastmilk production

Tips to increase breastmilk production

Tips to increase milk production

Breast milk is most beneficial to the new born baby as it helps in the immune system of baby and also beneficial for the health of the baby. Mostly new moms are very curious about how to enhance the milk production,  how can we maintain the quality and quantity of the milk for baby, Which food we can eat to boost the milk production and so on. Here are some tips for boosting milk production. 

Breastfeeding mother

  • Try to nurse more as baby needed. The more you nurse more the milk production will be.

  • If there is not enough milk for the baby then do not stop nursing because as baby sucks it will enhance the milk production. 

  • Take fenugreek seeds as it helps to increase the milk. Consume fenugreek seeds by boiling in tea and also by making powder of it and mix it in milk and drink the milk regularly. As it increases the milk and provides calcium to mother.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Mothers are advised to be taken milk every day as they feed babies and require extra calcium for them.

  • Eat green papaya or raw papaya it is essential for the production of oxytocin which increases the milk production.  Try it by boiling or you may also try Thai dishes as it uses more green papayas. In India papaya is mostly used for making salad and for meat to tender it.

Raw papaya for milk production

  • Garlic is also one of the best sources for the milk production.  Try to consume more garlic in your diet. It effect the taste and smell of the milk. You can also eat raw cloves of garlic or may use in different dishes.


  • Salmon is a good source for the milk production and nutrition. By consuming salmon milk will be more nutritious for baby.


  • Be hydrated properly.  Water helps to maintain the water balance in milk and also helps in milk production. 

  • Lactating mothers advised to eat whole grain which is not too much processed as it looses the nutrients by processing. 

Whole grains

  • Consume more fennel seeds it has the same properties as Estrogen, which enhances the milk production.  Fennel seeds can be used as refreshing substances and also used in different dishes.

Fennel seeds

  • Carrot,  nuts and nonveg are also good for the milk production. 

  • Oats are higher in beta-glucan and is known for the breast milk maker. Oats can be used in may different ways, used in making cookies,  muffins  and can be used as snacks and in different dishes.  Oats are highly rich in fiber. Also beneficial for the mother's health. 

  • If you are not producing  enough milk to meet baby's needs then you can try changing breastfeeding techniques and assistance from the breastfeeding experts.  It helps to increase the milk production.

  • Consult to your doctor they prescribe the formula or powder to boost your milk production and advised the diet and exercise for the milk production. 

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