Food to avoid during pregnancy | food to avoid in early pregnancy

Food to avoid during Pregnancy | Food to avoid in first trimester | Food to avoid during early pregnancy

foods to avoid during pregnancy

In pregnancy, women should take extra care of their diet. Women should know what not to eat during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should take extra 200 to 300 calories a day, or you can say pregnant woman should take 1500 to 2000 calories per day. Take a small amounts of meal in every 2 hours.  And stay well hydrated.

During pregnancy, there is usually greater focus on eating food that are healthy to mother and fetus. Also there is a misconception that eat for two, however this is not so true. Pregnant woman should eat as per her hunger. 

Taking any food is not right because all the food which are healthy are not safe for the pregnancy. So for the better health of her baby and herself, a pregnant woman should take care of everything related to her lifestyle especially food. 

Raw Papaya leads to miscarriage:

Raw papaya contains latex, which increases the risk of miscarriage at the early in  pregnancy. Papaya also contains papain, which inhibit embryonic development. Avoid eating papaya at the early stage of pregnancy or in the first trimester. Eat papaya after pregnancy.

Grapes are harmful to fetus:

Women should not eat grapes during pregnancy because grapes are hot in nature which is harmful to the fetus. Eating grapes are also increases the chances of preterm birth.

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Avoid fish during pregnancy:

Fish which contains high mercury level should avoid to eat during pregnancy. Mercury leads to the kidneys problems, nervous system problems and immune system problems. It is also harmful to the fetal health and effect developmental problems. 

Pregnant woman can eat low mercury fish it is healthy and contains omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial to the baby.

Risk of miscarriage with basil leaves:

The presence of estrogole in the basil leaves can cause miscarriage. It is also harmful to the fetal health. Basil leaves can also effect the women's menstrual cycle.

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Limit the caffeine:

Pregnant woman should limit their caffeine intake because caffeine is harmful to the fetus, it is easily absorbed and passes to the fetus through placenta.

Caffeine can cause low birth weight in the fetus and effect the growth of the fetus. Caffeine is present in the tea, coffee, coca and soft drinks.

MSG in Chinese food:

Chinese food contains mono sodium glutamate(MSG), due to which there may be some physical deficiency in the infant after birth. 

Also due to the high amount of salt in the soy sauce a pregnancy woman may face problem at birth because of high blood pressure. 

Risk of premature delivery :

Eating pineapple during pregnancy is harmful. Bromelin is present in pineapple, because of it chances of premature birth increases.

Here are some foods which a pregnant woman should avoid during pregnancy:

  • Avoid soft cheese,  it may contain listeria which can cause harmful effects on pregnancy. 

  • Avoid eating sprouts during pregnancy, it contain salmonela bacteria which harmful for pregnancy, Eat cooked sprouts if you want to eat it is safe after cooking.

  • Avoid raw meat, poultry,  seafood. 

  • Don't take unpasteurized milk during pregnancy. 

  • Don't eat raw eggs as it may contain salmonella. Avoid recipes which contain raw eggs.

  • Avoid alcohol or say no to it during pregnancy.  Also women should avoid alcohol during Breastfeeding.

  • Avoid unwashed veggies and fruits because it contains the pesticides and fertilizers  which may be harmful. 

  • Smoked seafood,  refrigerated seafood should be avoided because it could be with listeria.  

  • Do not eat olive and dates in the early days of pregnancy or in the first trimester.  

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