Cesarean delivery, C-section delivery details | cesarean delivery effects and disadvantages

Cesarean delivery, C-section delivery

In this post you can learn about what is Cesarean delivery or c-section delivery ? Types of cesarean delivery or c-section delivery,  advantages and disadvantages of cesarean delivery  or c-section delivery,  precautions to take after cesarean delivery or c-section delivery.

Cesarean delivery or c-section delivery

What is cesarean delivery or c-section delivery?

Cesarean delivery or c-section delivery is the process of deliver a baby by the surgical  procedure. C-section delivery is safe but the pain or time to heal is more as compare to normal delivery or Vaginal birth

Child birth is the painful,  emotional and physical process for a woman.  C-section delivery is introduced to lower the risk for mother and baby. Cesarean delivery is advice only when a life of a fetus or mother is at risk. But today people made c-section a option to avoid labor pain. 

  • C-section delivery necessary if the labor dystonia occurs that is when uterus is contracting to it's normal position,  and the baby will blocked and does not exit the pelvis during birth.

  • Cesarean delivery is also advised in the twin pregnancy  or the mother have twins fetus and could not perform vaginal birth. 

  • High blood pressure in mother , is also a reason for the cesarean delivery. 

  • C-section is recommended in the breech position I.e a baby is born bottom instead of head . C-section  is seen as safer than being born vaginally.

  • Cesarean section is necessary in problems with the placenta or umbilical cord  during pregnancy. 

  • Some c-section are performed without a medical reason, upon request by someone,  usually a mother.

Schedule c-section delivery:

If the doctors knows that a vaginal birth would be risky then the c-section are scheduled. Doctor may schedule c-section if the baby is in breech position,  problem with placenta,  earlier c-section surgery,  etc.

Emergency c-section delivery:

Some c-section are unexpected, done when complications arise during pregnancy and labor. Emergency c-section is done if labor stops, placenta abruption,  umbilical cord prolapse in which baby can not get oxygen,  and if the baby is too heavy to come from the birth canal, if the blood pressure of mother is at high during labor, etc.

Disadvantages of cesarean delivery:

  • Mothers of first c-section  delivery have further more chances of cesarean in future. 

  • Cesarean delivery mother or woman take more time for recovery as compare to vaginal delivery women.

  • C-section women have more pain and health related problems in future like infections,  pain in stitches,  digestion problems,  blood clotting, etc.

  • C-section  mother may take more time or 2 to 3 days more for breastfeeding the baby.

  • In c-section  there is more risk of mother to be died in delivery  due to blood clots,  higher blood pressure,  etc.

  • C-section women have to stay long in the hospital  after delivery I.e 4 to 5 day as doctor recommend according to patient's health and condition. 

  • Baby delivered through c-section delivery may has diseases like Asthma,  obese in childhood  as compared to vaginal birth. 

  • Sometime in the mother of cesarean surgery the side effects of anesthesia is seen in future. 

Precautions after cesarean delivery:

  • Take more rest as your body undergoes a major surgery so take time to rest and recover fast. After birth baby needs you in frequent time intervals for feeding and for other reasons,  taking rest with it is somehow difficult.  So take much rest as you can.

  • Don't exhaust your body because it takes some time to heal. Don't use stairs too much after c-section delivery. 

  • Don't lift heavy weight  for some months . Because it can hurt your stitches or in early days lifting heavy weight may broke your stitches. 

  • Protect  your stitches at sneezing,  coughing,  hold it securely at the time of coughing and sneezing. 

  • Wait for sex activities till your doctor said ok for it. 4 to 6 weeks is normal time for healing and having it.

  • Don not exercise which may affect stitches or your abdomen. 

  • If you are a breastfeeding mother ask your doctor about medicine you can take for painkillers. 

  • Take good care of your diet, eat healthy foods which is best for you and your baby.  Take extra care of diet if you are a breastfeeding mother.

  • Increase intake of fiber rich food in your diet, fiber helps in digestion problems which may seen after cesarean delivery. 

  • Don't eat foods which is heavy to digest and which makes gass in your stomach and give problem to your stitches. 

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