Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy

Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy

A pregnant woman should know about the Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy and take care of herself.  A woman in her first pregnancy don't know how to take Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy so here are some tips to a new to be mommy.

When you are detected pregnancy until 12 weeks it's called first trimester.  In the first trimester you should take care of yourself. There are more chances of miscarriage in the first trimester  so you should take Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy. Nausea and morning sickness is very common in first trimester of pregnancy or it may stay longer in some cases.

Precautions in first trimester in pregnancy

  Here are some points of precautions in first trimester in pregnancy i.e the period of 12 weeks.

  • Avoid exhausted travelling in first trimester. 
  • Avoid raw foods  like meat, fish, egg etc.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol  which leads to miscarriage.
  • Cut down to take cofee and tea, take 1 cup a day if you are addicted to it.
  • Avoid high citrus fruits like oranges ,pineapple, limes, it can cause nausea. 
  • Avoid very spicy and sweet foods. 
  • Avoid smelly foods that make you sick. 
  • Avoid unpasteurized milk,  juice,  soft cheese. 
  • Avoid to take diet beverages. 

Stay active sleep well and eat Healthy diet this makes your pregnancy better and healthier. After precautions in first trimester what to do in first trimester.

  • Try slow walking and normal exercise with consulting professional trainer and your doctor. 
  • Take folic acid supplements to prevent brain development defects in baby.
  • Take washed fruit and vegetables.
  • Be hydrated to avoid vomiting, nausea and acidity.
  • Take food which are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • Taking ginger is also beneficial. 
  • Take less seafood in first trimester. 
  • Consume 12 cups of water per day. 
  • Doctors recommend gains 1 pound per month in the first trimester to a normal healthy woman. 

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