Fetus Development

Fetus development

Foetus development month by month

foetus development

Month 1:

As life begins in the first month your baby
  • Grows to 10,000 times his/her size from conception.
  • By the third week the baby's heart begins to beat.

1st month development of baby

Month 2:

"I can put my thumb in the mouth."

The developing baby is now called a "fetus" which means "little one". In this month:

  • All organs develop  rapidly.
  • Teeth, finger & toes develop.
  • Ears, nose, lips & tongue can be seen.
  • The skeleton changes from cartilage to bone.
  • Your little one can now suck the thumb.

2nd month development of baby

Month 3:

"I grabbed my hand today!"

Your baby can now :

  • Swallow & move its tongue.
  • Sleep and awaken.
  • Develop fingernails and toenails.
  • Lightly grasp the hands.
  • Breaths amniotic fluid to help develop ans strengthen the lungs.

3rd month of baby

Month 4:

"I begin to dream!"

Your baby's brain has began maturing

  • Eyelids are now sealed shut and will re-open at the 7th month.
  • Taste buds now work.
  • Fine hair begins to grow on head, eyebrows and eyelashes.

4th month baby development

Month 5: 

"Did you feel me kick, today?"

Baby is now getting active.
  • Brain undergoes important period of growth.
  • Develops cycles of sleep and wakefulness.
  • You can feel the baby move and stretch.

5th month baby development

Month 6:

"I can roll!"

Baby started listening.

  • Your baby can roll over inside the womb.
  • Oil and sweat glands are functioning.
  • A white layer called vernix protects the delicate skin.
  • Longs are well developed.

6th month of baby development

Month 7:

"I can look, feel and taste!"

Your baby  can now use all four senses.
  • The antibodies from mother provides immunity.
  • Baby can taste, touch, cough and yawn.
  • Grip gets stronger now.
  • Recognises mother's voice.
  • Eyelids open and close.

7th month baby development

Month 8:

"Mommy, I want to listen to your voice."

Your baby is now preparing to see the world.

  • Your baby continues to gain weight.
  • Develops a layer of fat that will keep the baby warm after birth.

8 month baby development

Month 9:

"Here I am!"

The miracle of life takes birth.
  • Baby prepares for birth.
  • Shifts to a head down position.
  • Lungs are fully developed.

9 month baby development

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