Easy 3 Exercise during pregnancy

Easy exercise in pregnancy

Easy 3 Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy

You should first take advice from your doctor for exercise in pregnancy and yoga. Doctor will tell you by examining your pregnancy that you can do exercise in pregnancy or not or which type of exercise you can do in your pregnancy.  Then you can take help of a professional yoga trainer or health trainer for exercise in pregnancy .

You can perform easy exercise in pregnancy for healthy and eas of pregnancy.  It helps you in maintaining your pregnancy fit and fine. Here are many ways of easy exercise in pregnancy are:

Exercise in pregnancy


Walking is one of the best easy exercise in pregnancy.  It doesn't harmful and easy to do. Regularly walk some distance to maintain your health.  Walking improves blood circulation in body and it has no impact on abdomen. It increases cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness.  Also ease joint pain and boost immune system. Lower the blood sugar level in the body.  

It is easy to do when or wherever you want to walk you can. Walk with your partner talking to him or discussing with him about your experience of being pregnant,  it will improve your relationship and mental health too. This is the first exercise in pregnancy which you can do without any issue or tension. 


Swimming is also a good and easy exercise in pregnancy.  Swimming doesn't put pressure on your joints and give benefits to you. Swimming builds strength in you, helps in keeping cardiovascular health fit. Also helps in maintaining heart, weight and lungs healthy. But take extra care in swimming during pregnancy or better to join the pregnancy swimming training program or course. It's easy to find a professional trainer for exercise in pregnancy or a swimming coach.


Yoga is also the best exercise in pregnancy.  Doing yoga regularly makes pregnancy healthy and safe.  It also helps in the risk of birth time or in delivery. In India yoga is very common and important part of exercise in pregnancy .

It strengthens the muscles,  stimulates the blood circulation during pregnancy  and improve relaxation.  This will helps you in labor.  Join special yoga classes for yoga during pregnancy.  

Yoga will help in better sleep or cure insomnia.  It helps in reducing the stress during pregnancy.  Yoga reduces the lower back pain which is one of the common problem during pregnancy. Yoga avoids the chance of preterm labor or birth. 

There so many yoga poses for exercise in pregnancy.  Do yoga as your according to your pregnancy stages. In first trimester the cobra pose, butterfly pose, cow pose, cat pose, legs up the wall pose, etc. Do poses in which you are comfortable and take rest in between and stay hydrated. 

Second trimester poses are ' the warrior pose, side angle posture,  standing stretch,  etc.

In third trimester do bridge pose, warrior I pose, corpse pose, child's pose etc.

Make sure to wear the comfortable and exercise friendly clothes that not too tight nor too loose. Daily 20 minutes exercise is recommended to a pregnant woman.  Do exercise with caution and under trained people.  Avoid jumping,  running,  heavy lifting,  high kicks,  leaps and movements which is harmful to your pregnancy. 

If you are a busy mom and housewife like me and you don't have anytime for special training or exercise in pregnancy and all that you can do your daily household chores be like exercises. For example,  after first trimester do cleansing of your house personally using with broom.  Do floor cleaning with cloth in our desi language pocha. But be careful about using water on floor, do slowly slowly.  Daily walk some distance.  And manage to sit on ground not on sofas and chairs because it is best exercise in pregnancy to sit and get up it will help you alot. 

These are very small things or easy exercises in pregnancy which will enhance your chances of safe and normal delivery.  I also done these things in my pregnancy so I have personal experience. I had bed rest in 7th and 8th month of my pregnancy but in last month I done all these exercises. My mother force me to do this.  I also washed clothes by hands in my 9 month not too heavy n more but lighter and normal so all these help me in my normal delivery.  

So mommys you can also share your experience of exercise in pregnancy with us. And also tell about how you find this article is helpful to you or not. Post comments and tell us about your experience.  

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