How to eat healthy diet in pregnancy?? | Best diet plan for pregnancy

Healthy Diet in pregnancy

How to eat healthy diet in pregnancy?? | Best diet plan for pregnancy


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Healthy diet in pregnancy is essential for the healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Pregnant women should take extra 200-300 calories in a day.  To meet this requirement pregnant women should follow the healthy diet in pregnancy. So to be mommy,  here are the list of Healthy Diet in pregnancy.

For the proper development of a baby or fetus women should take healthy diet in pregnancy which is beneficial to them. Eat healthy and stay healthy and safe. Pregnant women should give attention to what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. First they make a list of healthy diet in pregnancy  Which is beneficial to them and which is harmful.

Take vitamin D food in your meal because calcium is very important for pregnant women.Also consume iron rich foods. Iron will protect from anemia in pregnancy. Stay hydrated all time, drink lots of water to be maintain fluid in body. Drink fresh juices, buttermilk. 

lime water is a good way of be hydrated.

If you are vegetarian then eat cheese, milk, yogurt,  paneer these are rich in iron, zinc and protein . Orange, pomegranate, beetroot,  apples,  grapefruit,  watermelon etc these fruits are full of vitamins. Eat healthy fats like cashews, almonds,  walnuts. Healthy recipes during pregnancy.

Healthy Diet in pregnancy

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Healthy Diet in pregnancy


Here are some fruits, vegetables,  dairy products,  poultry and meats and seafood and its benefits during pregnancy. 

Fruits and its benefits:


There are so many fruits with multiple varieties and nutrition but which fruit is important in pregnancy and what benefits it give to pregnant women and fetus are important.  Fruits which is good in pregnancy are avocados,  bananas,  oranges, watermelon,  apples, guava, pear, mango,  pomegranate,  chiku, blueberries,  beetroot,  grapes, etc these are healthy diet in pregnancy.


Avocado is the most nutritious fruit. Avocado consists of vitamin K, vitamin E, folate vitamin  C, vitamin  B5, vitamin B6, potassium.

It also contains  magnesium,  copper, zinc, phosphorus in small amounts. Avocados also have protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates. It is very high in potassium.  

Avocados boost the cell cells responsible for development of brain and skin. Potassium helps in leg cramps during pregnancy which is common symptoms of pregnancy. Avocados are one of the healthy diet in pregnancy. 


Bananas are healthy source of potassium,  vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber.  It is good source of minerals,  vitamins, potassium. 

Vitamin B6 in banana  helps in reducing nausea and vomiting  in early pregnancy. 


Apricot  has vitamin  A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium,  iron,  potassium,  beta-carotene,  phosphorus  and silicon.

These nutrients  are good in the health of pregnant women and baby's development so it is one of the healthy diet in pregnancy. Calcium  present in apricots  helps to make strong bones and teeth of baby.


Oranges are good source of folate,  vitamin C, and water. It keeps person hydrated. 

Folate helps prevent neural tube defects, which cause brain and spinal  cord abnormalities in baby.


Mangoes are excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C. It is good for the healthy pregnancy and also for the development of fetus. 


Pear contains fiber, potassium  and folate.  Fiber helps to ease constipation during pregnancy which is a common symptom of pregnancy.  Potassium stimulates cell regeneration. 


Guava provides the vitamin C, polyphenols,  carotenoids,  isoflavonoids, folate. Eating  guava helps to relax muscles  and reduce constipation during pregnancy.  


Grapes contain antioxidants which boost the immune system.  It also prevents infections.  

It boost person's intake of vitamin C, vitamin  K, folate  and fiber and pectin.


Apples are excellent source of nutrients to help fetus growth. It consists of vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and potassium. 

Eating apple apples during pregnancy helps in reducing the chances of asthma and allergies over time.

Dried fruit: 

Fiber, vitamins, minerals,  and energy these are present in dried fruits.  

Dried fruits are best in nutritional value but it doesn't contain water. So it not helps on hydration and digestion. Take dried fruit with fresh fruits not instead of fresh fruits. Take healthy diet in pregnancy and stay healthy. 

Try to eat organic fruits as it is not come in contact with fertilizer and pesticides. Always wash the fruits before eating because it may contain harmful chemicals or pesticides which may harmful for pregnancy and fetus.

vegetables and its benefits: 

Take healthy food for healthy diet in pregnancy. Increase intake leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, and lentils, carrots, sweet potatoes etc in your diet.

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes provides vitamin A. In pregnancy women adviced to increase the intake of vitamin A in her diet. 

Broccoli and dark leafy greens: 

Broccoli and leafy green I.e spinach,  kale, lettuce, parsley,  etc contains fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin  A, calcium,  iron, folate  and potassium.  

Broccoli  are rich in antioxidants.  It benefits immune system and digestion . It prevents  constipation  during pregnancy. 

It reduces the risk of low birth weight. 


Carrots are best source of beta-carotene  which body converts into vitamin A. 

Carrots  helps in the development of eyes, skin and bones of your baby. 

It also contains  dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K. Carrots strengthen the immune system of pregnant women.


Corn is most widely used vegetable in the world.  It is used in different recipes and as salad and snacks.  It contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin, water and minerals. 

Corn keeps you healthy and strong during pregnancy.  Corn have thiamine vitamin, it helps in boosting memory in fetus.


Potatoes are high in dietary fiber, rich in vitamin B and vitamin C and folate. Potato also have iron, calcium and potassium and helps in growth and development of baby.

Eating potatoes or chips daily in large quantities may increase a risk of diabetes during pregnancy.  Starch present in potato increase the blood sugar level in the body, according to a US study. So be sure to eat healthy diet in pregnancy. 


Eating a cup of pulses provides 18 grams of protein to you. Pulses contains iron, magnesium and zinc in it. Eating pulses during pregnancy maintain your iron level in the body. Pulses is low in fat as compared to other protein sources. Protein is healthy to eat and easy to digest.

Pulses includes red lentils, black gram, split chickpea, yellow gram / moong dal, kidney beans lentil, pigeon lentil / tur daal,  dry green peas, etc.

Be hydrated:

Hydrating your body is very important because it regulate body temperature and maintain blood pressure of a person. Water flashes out all the wastes form the body. Water is essential for the development of your baby and to your body.

Dairy products: 

Dairy products provide casein and whey, and also a good source of calcium,  phosphorus,  magnesium and zinc. It includes yogurt,  milk, cheese, paneer or tofu, buttermilk.  


Yogurt is one of the best and beneficial for pregnancy. Yogurt have more calcium.  It helps in reducing  the risk of gestational diabetes,  vaginal infection and allergies  during pregnancy.  


Milk is also a high source of calcium which plays a important part of strong bones development.  

Milk is a good option for energy and protein and fat intake.  Take a glass of milk in the morning or you can take milk with cereal and with any fresh fruit and almonds. Calcium is most important for baby also it helps in teeth development of baby. And after birth of baby calcium is important for the lactating mothers also.


Fish and other seafood  like prawns, and shellfish,  shrimps are good source of omega-3 fatty acid. Which is good for the development of brain of the fetus. 

Eat tuna, shrimps, salmon, catfish in a week or two. Salmon is excellent source of omega 3.

Avoid excess intake of fish as it contains mercury.  Also avoid shark , swordfish,  marlin, begeye, tuna white etc.

Meat and Poultry:

You can eat meat and poultry during pregnancy   it contains  protein which is important for growth and development.  Other nutrients  such as iodine,  iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 and fatty acids. 

But remember avoid raw meat and poultry and fish. Because it is harmful  or can cause miscarriage.  

Raw meat and poultry contain coliform bacteria,  toxoplasmosis and salmonella,  and listeria which can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.

So dear mommy it's all about healthy  diet in pregnancy after that a pregnant woman should also know about what not to eat. There are some food which is advice not to take during pregnancy to avoid harmful effects on pregnancy.

Read Foods avoid during pregnancy. Please let us know about how useful this piece of information about healthy diet in pregnancy is to you.

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